Save On Spares can supply ducting or venting kits and accessories to solve most problems with moving air around your house, whether you want to vent your rangehood or clothes dryer outside or move air from room to room inside your house we have it covered.

At Save On Spares we have all the infomation you need to get you venting job done right using quality purpose built venting and ducting kits as well as all the parts and accessories to solve those problem jobs that an off the shelf kit cant quite handle.

Below is a collection of informative PDF flyers and parts catalogues which will be very helpful in planning you venting job
Flyers and info sheets below cover Rangehood Clothes dryer and home heating.
All the items below are quality JPM and Deflecto Kits and spares

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The Spare parts poster

Contains many Clothes dryer and rangehood venting kits and fittings

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Rangehood venting
Rangehood venting components
  Rangehood venting kit flyer

Very informative flyer which explains the pros and cons on venting your rangehood
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Stainless Steel kits and Universal rangehood kits

Stainless steel venting
Includes metal flexible ducting and roof fittings. Includes stainless steel options for external vents and grills and accessories. Click for more information High grade stainless steel round pipes and elbows 150 & 200mm diameter

  New Compact range of clothes dryer vent kits has been designed to suit all the new main dryer models and allows for all methods of venting including through wall,roof, eave and even via a window. Includes easy to follow instructions in this simple D.I.Y. Kit. Click for more info
Dryer Venting
Clothes dryer venting
                          dryer venting components
                          dryer venting components

  Clothes Dryer venting kits

Explains the different methods of venting your dryer as well as some important safety issues.
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Wall and Eave plastic vents

A range of plastic vents in different shapes and includes self opening and closing options
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Duct accessories

Includes draft blockers and duct joiners
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Lay Flat ducting system

Range of flat easier to hide ducting options
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For more Clothes dryer venting pictures and info click here. Includes good pictures of vent kit contents
Home ducting and vents
Room to room
                          air transfer ducting
                          air ducting

  Insulated floor ducting and floor ducting extention kits

Duct extension kits and Floor Ducting information
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Floor vents

Includes floor vent deflectors
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Air transfer kits

This handy flyer shows how easy it can be to move warm or cool air from one room to another
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Download the entire DEFLECTO catalogue to see the full range of ducting and air transfer components which are all available through all Save On Spares branches